Lillian Glass, Ph.D
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Lillian Glass, Ph.D
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Lillian Glass brings experience and education to communications issues. Her Ph.D. in counseling with clinical and research credentials allows her to help people learn how to communicate, which is key in any business or personal venture or relationship.

With a Ph.D. in communications disorders and a Ph.D. in counseling with clinical and research credentials, Lillian Glass brings experience and education to the platform. Best selling author of how-to-do-it books; personal coach to Hollywood superstars Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman and dozens of others. High energy performance. Health Care Motivational Speaker.

Clinical and research speech pathologist. Miami-born Lillian knew at age 10 that she was destined to help people communicate. A "doctor" in a real sense, she did the original research on the effect appearances and speech patterns have on a person's psychology- work that was dramatized in the motion picture Elephant Man for which she was a consultant. 

Lillian Glass took her doctorate in speech pathology at U of Minnesota, and a postgraduate degree at UCLA School of Medicine. She was a professor at U of Southern California. 

Through her very successful private practice in Beverly Hills, she has coached such entertainers as Melanie Griffith, Julio Iglesias, Sean Connery, Marlee Matlin, Dolly Parton, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Vereen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billy Crystal, (and more), and business, political and social leaders. What I do, is cosmetic surgery of the voice.


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