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Linda Armstrong Kelly
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    Linda Armstrong Kelly is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. From high school dropout to mother of Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour De France champion and cancer survivor, Linda’s story motivates people to achieve their own dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face.

    Linda’s life is a lesson in self-determination and hope. In her book, "NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH-Raising Lance, Raising Me", she shares her life experiences as a young, single mom raising her unstoppable baby boy.

    Growing up in the Dallas projects and receiving a GED, Linda’s guiding principles enabled her to rise from an entry level temp job to her career goal as a global account manager with Ericsson Microelectronics. She spent 15 years demonstrating her strength, positive attitude, and survival skills.

    Linda Armstrong KellyA passionate activist and speaker, Linda captivates audiences on the causes closest to her heart; battling adversity and overcoming odds much greater than the mountains Lance lived to climb. At the core of her inspirational messages are the importance of dedication and hard work in accomplishing one’s goals.

    Linda is proud to be a member of the National Speakers Association. She also serves on the board of a non-profit hospital, is an active volunteer, and assists nonprofit organizations with fundraising.

    Linda was the subject of a one-hour television biography on The Learning Channel (TLC) entitled, Raising A Champion: The Linda Armstrong Kelly Story. Most recently, she received the “Outstanding Mother of the Year” award from the National Mother’s Day Committee. Her television appearances include “The Dr. Phil Show,” CNN and ESPN. She’s been featured in national magazines such as People, The New Yorker, USA Today, Ladies Home Journal and Texas Monthly, as well as many local newspaper, radio programs and television news shows.



    You will not only be captivated but also humored when Linda speaks to your audience.

    As a result of hearing Linda speak, they will have a better understanding of how they may:

        * Maintain a positive attitude

        * Improve leadership skills

        * Achieve peak performance

        * Create work/life balance

        * Develop and deliver strong work ethics

        * Set and achieve goals both personally and professionally

        * How to turn a bad choice into a life-learning opportunity

    Not to mention, Perseverance. She is a walking testimony! Your audience will leave wanting more. This keynote speech is based on Linda's newly released book, “NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH-Raising Lance, Raising Me.” Her early life experiences helped her form the values and positive attitude that both she and Lance carried forward into adulthood. Linda believes that living with love and joy, maintaining focus, and risk-taking are at the heart of every successful endeavor and that these things are the foundation for a life well lived.

    It Is Always A No! Until You Ask

    If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. You have all heard this before but how do you apply this? Making a change also doesn’t mean it’s going to work the first time. Linda will share her stories of “hitting a brick wall”, facing setbacks…. but never giving up. Why it’s important never to quit, and why you should never take “no” for an answer.

    It’s Not Where You Start but How You Finish!

    Creating the life you want takes more than luck and skill – it takes a plan. It’s a universal law: Whatever you focus on is going to manifest itself in your life. This humorous, high-energy presentation is filled with lots of stories that highlight the importance of focusing on the positive and how that can change the way you think, look and feel.

    Listen For the Lesson

    How do you prepare Gen Y for change? As parents and even employers we know that changes in your life do not always mean things are going to run smoothly, but there is always something to be learned from adversity. Linda’s guiding principles will not only humor you but find you taking note. This energetic presentation will send you off with one or more marching orders!

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  • It Is Always A No! Until You Ask
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  • Listen For the Lesson
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