Mark Mayfield
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Mark Mayfield
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    Mark Mayfield is a comedian and motivational speaker capable of making you laugh while also enertaining you into inspiration. 

    Known as "The Corporate Comedian," he has shared the stage with celebrities like Paul Newman, Peter Frampton, Colin Powell, and Bob Newhart and has introduced the President of the United States on a live, nationwide television broadcast. He was raised on a farm and has been a lobbyist, schoolteacher, and nightclub owner. He is also seen in print advertising and television commercials around the country. He is the proud father of two daughters and delivers over 100 presentations annually to conventions, trade associations, and Fortune 500 companies. Mark is the author of the popular book, "Mom's Rules ... What Mom Really Taught Us," a comedic yet poignant look at all those things mom said to us as kids.  


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    Keeping Balance: (Balance in Life)
    Stand on Your Chair: (Managing Change through Creativity)
    Funny Stuff: (Comedy Show)
    Bring \'Em Back: (Customer Service)
    Mirthmaking: (Humor in the Workplace)
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