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Marla Lukofsky
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    The Toronto Sun called her "the reigning queen of comedy in Canada." The Globe and Mail called her "suave and stylish". For the last thirty years, Marla Lukofsky has performed in every major city in Canada and the United States. As well, she represented Canada in the International Comedy Festival in Glasgow, Scotland and England.

    As a writer and columnist, Marla’s credits include CBC radio with such shows as Dayshift with Erika Ritter, Basic Black with Arthur Black and The Vicki Gabereau Show. On Saturday mornings you can hear Marla’s voice on The Care Bears Cartoon series as Good Luck Bear.

    In July of 1998, Marla was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. She had a lumpectomy and lymph node removal, which was followed by an aggressive course of chemotherapy and daily radiation treatments. Marla completed her treatments in January of 1999. Since then, she has written a memoir and a collection of short stories and poems describing her experiences. In them, she talks proudly about her life with cancer with honesty, frankness, and humor.

    Marla is currently doing inspirational speaking engagements across the country, entertaining and informing people of her personal cancer journey in hopes that it may help others. “If I can touch even one person, and make them feel that they are not alone, then I have succeeded.”

    Marla's Profile

    •           A veteran of television, Marla’s credits include A&E’s ‘Evening at the Improv’, ‘The Alan Thicke Show’, and CBC’s Nationally acclaimed show, Midday with Valerie Pringle, where she appeared as the popular "Last Word" commentator. She has been referred to as" Canada’s answer to Andy Rooney -- without the whine".

    •           Marla is not only a funny lady and writer but also an accomplished actor with appearances on ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Seeing Things’, ‘Doc’, and the feature film ‘Honeymoon’, where she starred with France’s Nathalie Baye and American actor John Shea. You can find this movie in your local video store in the horror section -- but not because it’s scary.

    •           She was a proud member of the Second City Touring Company for one WHOLE month until they realized that she wasn’t Andrea Martin and asked her to leave.

    Presentation Titles

    •           Life with Cancer -- Marla’s presentation offers insight into the mind of someone going through one of life’s worst nightmares. She confronts her disease head-on and makes funny and unexpected jokes about the disease that has changed her life as well as her relationship with friends and family members- some for the worse, and some for the better. Simply put, it’s about a brave and funny woman facing huge fears and challenges. Marla offers her own personal experience with breast cancer and approaches this tender subject with humour and sensitivity along with simple, tangible instructions and suggestions. Friends and loved ones are often confused as to what to say, what to do, to phone or not to phone, to visit and be involved or not to bother the cancer patient at all. Many people feel awkward and uncomfortable at the very sound of the word "cancer" let alone having a relationship with someone who has it. 

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