Mary Carwile
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Mary Carwile
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  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
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    Mary’s topics include: fear of flying, surviving divorce, overcoming adversity and anxiety, self acceptance, personal potential, single parenthood, risk taking, reinvention, breast cancer and finding one’s passion.
    In Mary Carwile’s keynote presentation, Soaring Above The Turbulence, Mary grabs the attention of her audience by welcoming her “passengers” aboard the fight, pointing out the restrooms and emergency exits and then begins her uplifting and inspirational talk. At age fifty five, with two divorces and a breast cancer diagnosis behind her, Mary found herself at a crossroads. What was next? Never in her wildest dreams could she have anticipated her next move.
    Prompted by a dare from a friend, Mary found herself, quite literally, watching the life she knew getting very small in her rearview mirror. She was headed to the city to begin a life as a flight attendant. What with her fear of flying and of being in small spaces, Mary calls this “mid-life crisis, what was I thinking” job.
    Mary’s “take it as it comes” positive attitude has served her well. Her engaging way with a story has the audience totally captivated as they hear about the night her high school sweetheart turned husband of fourteen years came home to tell her he wanted a divorce. Mary had a six year old son…..and was eight months pregnant. TURBULENCE! The audience gasps as she shares the details of that night.
    A second marriage and divorce later, Mary’s doctor delivered more news that caused her to buckle her seat belt. “Mary, you have breast cancer.” TURBULENCE! The alarming way she was told this news leaves the audience members shaking their heads in disbelief.
    Using airline analogies and life circumstances she weaves stories that go right to the heart. The audience takes away tools—life skills—they can use to get through the turbulence in their own lives. No one else brings this message like Mary Carwile. She’s unique, spirited, funny, charming and inspirational.
    As the flight comes to an end, Mary reminds everyone to make sure their seat belts are securely fastened for landing, then leaves them with an inspirational quote that usually brings tears to the eyes and smiles to the faces. A great combination!
    Mary has a 3 hour workshop and/or a 3 day women’s retreat, “A Flight Plan For Life: ChartingYour Course again using airline metaphors and analogies to take her passengers on a trip whose destination is “inward.” With guidance, practical help, insight and fun, attendees will land safely at a new destination in their lives. The 3 hour workshop is designed for companies and corporations; the retreat is held on the beautiful white beaches of Mexico or the cool crisp air of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

    Mary has written two books, Heartstrings at 35,000 Feet, True Stories That Will Melt Your Heart and Heartstrings and Pink Ribbons, Finding Comfort Until There’s A Cure. Several stories from her books have been re-printed in the New York Times bestselling series,Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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    Soaring Above the Turbulence
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