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Matt Weinstein
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    Matt Weinstein is the founder of Playfair Inc. and presents several exceptional team building programs every year.

    Matt Weinstein, CPAE, is the founding president of Playfair, Inc., an international consulting company that present innovative team building programs for more than 400 clients each year. Matt's dynamic keynote presentations come with an astounding money-back guarantee: if Matt does not get a standing ovation at the end of his program, you do not have to pay his fee!

    Matt Weinstein gives uplifting, hilarious and effective suggestions to integrate kindness and humor into stressed and strained work environments. He is in much demand as a speaker, since his material, talent and delivery are so unique.

    Matt Weinstein is the nation's foremost authority on the use of fun and humor in team building. Drawing on his own experience as a company president and twenty years of research by the Playfair organization, his presentations are rich in content and alive with humor.

    Matt believes that team building is not just a concept - team building is an experience. So all of Matt Weinstein's keynote presentations include dynamic audience interactions as an integral part of the lecture program.

    Matt's message is simple. When people learn how to play more at their jobs, workers can face difficult challenges, take pleasure from tasks previously dreaded, reduce their level of stress and recharge their creative side. He launches people into a whole new world of not being afraid to play the fool when it's going to help teams and increase productivity.

    His PBS television special Fun Works! brought Matt national acclaim as a pioneer in the field of experiential team building. He is the author of two best selling books, Managing the Have Fun, and Work Like Your Dog: Fifty Ways to Work Less, Play More and Earn More.

    If you're looking for something more than a lecture - if you're looking for a high-energy, audience - involvement keynote presentation that will leave the participants leaping to their feet in wild applause - then you're looking for Matt Weinstein!


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