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Michael Anthony
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    It all started when Michael was 9 years old…and it started all wrong. He stole a deck of playing cards from a store near his home and was thrown in jail. Really? Yes, really. When the police officer that lived across the street from Michael’s family heard what had happened he decided to teach Michael a lesson. He came to Michael’s home, put him in the back of his police car, drove him to the county jail and locked him up…for about 30 minutes but it felt like years to a scared 9 year old. A valuable lesson learned and with no felony charges.

    But it was those cards, those 52 pieces of pasteboard that intrigued Michael. They started him on a quest of twisting reality, shattering perception and melting minds. The sleight of hand, the sleight of mind and the mental gymnastics became Michael’s obsession.

    Michael attended Canada’s Niagara College and then went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian suggestion. Michael took a job with General Motors but his passion pushed him to go after what he loved, entertainment.

    Michael woke up one day and decided that he was going to quit his job and start presenting his Mind Games full time, and he did! Michael quickly rose in the entertainment world and became known for his charismatic presence on stage and his ability to entertain audiences with his mastered art. Throughout the years, Michael has presented in 48 states and 4 continents. He’s been nominated Entertainer of the Year 7 times from CA Magazine (an industry magazine), performed in Las Vegas and has been seen on CBC ABC NBC and Fox.

    A student of success and persuasion techniques, Michael parlayed his unique abilities with training others how to reach their goals, persuade and lead. .Michael created The Totally Mental Makeover which is a widely received, hilarious and inspiring keynote presentation that combines Michael’s hilarious mind boggling mental stunts with a powerful, high content message. Your mind will be blown and inspired at the same time. Michael uses his 3 pronged approach of Belief, Tenacity and Expectation to motivate audiences to overcome obstacles, accept no limitations and to continually reach higher.

    Less than a year ago, Michael received a kidney transplant. He was one of the first of a handful to be selected for a clinical research program in which he received not only a kidney but a stem cell transplant and bone marrow transplant from his donor (Who happens to be his awesome brother) It was both an exhausting and exhilarating experience which is proving to be the Holy Grail of organ transplant protocols. Michael continues to be one of less than a dozen people in the world living with a transplanted organ without the need of life long anti-rejection medications.

    Michael resides in Tampa, FL with his wife, daughter and far too many pets. And to this day when he needs playing cards, he buys them like everybody else.

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