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Michael Stratton
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    Few American business and political leaders bring the history, breadth of experience, and knowledge of the complexities of the nation’s energy situation than Michael Stratton of Denver.

    Since 1977, Stratton has been deeply immersed in the politics and policy of energy use, development, research, and regulation. He was a legislative “drafter” of laws that created the U.S. Department of Energy during President Carter’s Administration and was a Carter appointee at the agency charged with developing the then-fledgling alcohol fuels industry.  Ethanol is in most gasoline blends at local service stations.

    Stratton was in private business in the early ‘80’s advocating for the biomass energy industry.

    In his public affairs business Mike has represented the “clean coal” industry, oil and natural gas interests such as Exxon, Shell, Noble, America’s Natural Gas Alliance, and others. He was a key strategist in the passage and implementation of Colorado’s cutting edge legislation that transitions Colorado power plants from coal to natural gas.

    Examples of his past and current energy related experiences include:

    ·        -Oil and gas exploration/development in Nigeria, one of the world’s most important suppliers

    ·        -Playing a key role in the development and promotion of T. Boone Pickens’ energy plan, “The Pickens Plan”

    ·        -One of the perceived “godfathers” of the ethanol industry dating to 1977

    ·        -Advocate for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic

    ·        -Leading advocate for coal to natural gas conversion in electrical power generation-

    ·        -Advocate for climate change regulation to curb carbon output into the atmosphere

    ·        -Advocate for an “all of the above” approach for national energy policy

    ·        -Advocate for revitalization of the US nuclear power industry

    ·        -Advocate for Federal/State energy portfolio mandates for combination of renewable energy with traditional fossil and other energy sources

    ·        -Expert on the politics of Democrats and Republicans on energy policy

    Stratton brings a diverse and extraordinary perspective on energy issues from his years as a US Senate staff member, federal agency official, private businessman, and advisor to Presidents, Senators, Governors and policy makers at all levels of the energy debate from the 1970s to the present.

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