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Michelle Ray
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  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
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Michelle Ray is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, author and seminar leader who demonstrates a deep understanding of the consequences of low morale, lackluster service and ineffective leadership in the workplace.  Born in Australia, Michelle began her career in the media industry during the recession of the early 80's. She was once told by management that she "didn't have what it takes" to succeed in the business world. With self- doubt and a lack of mentors, Michelle was inspired to create her own successful international business. She speaks passionately about the impact of attitude in the workplace, the importance of outstanding leadership and the responsibility of positive communication and influence.  

Michelle is a "Certified Speaking Professional" (CSP), the highest-earned designation in the speaking industry. Less than 500 people worldwide have earned this distinction after meeting rigorous criteria established by the National Speakers' Association. She has been listed in the Who's Who of Professional Speakers and has worked with a myriad of clientele providing in house seminars and conference presentations. Her style has been described as refreshing, uplifting, entertaining, informative and amusing with a common sense message. Michelle has received standing ovations for her keynote presentations on workplace morale. Her energy is not limited to the speaking arena. Michelle completed the Vancouver International Marathon in 2005.


The Power of Personal Leadership….Attitude makes the Difference

We all possess the ability to profoundly impact another person by the manner in which we conduct ourselves. When we go out in the world with a happier disposition, we impact others positively. By our own demeanor, we create an energy force that has the power to change attitudes and change lives. We should never underestimate our own personal power! This humorous, highly energized and insightful presentation offers a deeper understanding of the power of positive thinking and personal initiative, as well as specific tools to implement when faced with our own “stinkin' thinking”. Whether your group needs an attitude adjustment, tune-up or makeover, audience members experience a memorable, popular keynote as they learn what lies behind a s.m.i.l.e as well as the true meaning of making a difference! 


“An Attitude of Gratitude…We appreciate your business”


The Customer Service revolution is still in full swing! Is your front line staff committed to an “attitude of gratitude” for the business your customers provide? Are they giving a gold–medal performance with every customer experience? The first point of contact can make or break customer relationships within seconds.  Is your team set up to win the seven second challenge with customers? The theme of this exciting keynote address or workshop is based on the reality that almost 70% of customers take there business elsewhere due to an attitude of indifference!

“Leading the Generations: Adjusting attitudes for outstanding, collaborative workplaces”

The notion of having one job and having it for life does not hold any appeal for the new generation of workers. Those days are gone forever and unless organizations are willing to invest in their people emotionally and financially, the best and brightest will unashamedly seek opportunities elsewhere, leaving you scrambling to replace them. In this context, employers must be willing to rethink existing hiring, mentoring and training practices and let go of old ideas that shaped the traditional organizational structures. In this fun and informative presentation, participants learn how to adjust attitudes regarding the secret to motivating and retaining our workforce to create outstanding intergenerational workplaces. Developing an unbiased viewpoint and flexible approach, coupled with exceptional interpersonal skills and specific methods to keep all team members engaged, productive and satisfied. These are prerequisites for leadership success in managing our human capital.




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  • The Power of Personal Leadership….Attitude makes the Difference
  • An Attitude of Gratitude…We appreciate your business
  • Leading the Generations: Adjusting attitudes for outstanding, collaborative workplaces
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