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Mike Rayburn
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Mike Rayburn uses his comedic songs, his amazing guitar creations, and a contagious zest for life to challenge audiences to leap beyond their perceived limitations. From start to finish they will laugh uproariously as they learn 3 effective tools and the ultimate reason for getting the most out of their lives and careers. Your audience will leave Mike’s program rejuvenated and eager to take on new challenges.

Mike Rayburn is a captivating keynote artist with a presentation completely unlike any you've ever seen! Having been called "the World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso," Mike uses his astounding guitar creations, uproarious songs, and veteran presentation skills to encourage, challenge and inspire his audiences to leap beyond their perceived limitations. He can focus his program completely on entertainment, depending on your needs. Mike draws from a wealth of life experience as an adventurer, business owner, comedian, world-class guitarist, author, philanthropist, husband, and father, to deliver a presentation which is motivational, hilarious, and musically amazing!

Just to set foot on the stage at Carnegie Hall is a career moment for any performer. Mike Rayburn is one of a handful of people in the world to become a regular headliner at Carnegie Hall and to have recorded a live "Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall" CD . However, Mike performs most often for the world's leading corporations and associations, doing more than 100 presentations every year. Some clients have booked Mike as many as 10-12 times! His program is so unique he has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Billboard, Gig, Programming, American Entertainment, and Successful Meetings magazines.

Mike Rayburn’s program is always based on a core of clean, universally appealing comedy and music. Mike can tailor his message of purpose and possibility to address your organizations’ specific needs or seamlessly weave your theme into his presentation. Mike can easily focus his program completely on entertainment or include more of a take home message for your meeting or conference. We often get asked for “something different,” not your standard keynote speaker but a fun and fresh keynote presenter… Mike Rayburn is your man!

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