Mike Staver
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Mike Staver
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Leadership, Motivation, Courage
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Mike Staver is an internationally respected coach and speaker. He has been interviewed for many publications on his signature speaking and writing topic “Leadership Isn’t for Cowards” and how to build high performance firms. His new book with the same title was just released. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he has found a way to make complex ideas simple, memorable and immediately applicable. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation held by fewer than 10% of the members belonging to the International Federation for Professional Speakers. Mike is a best selling author and award winning speaker. Most recently he was chosen as one of the 40 hottest business speakers in America by Meetings and Conventions magazine.
Keynote Program: 
Leadership Isn't For Cowards
How to Lead Courageously in a Turbulent Age
We live in an age when it is more and more challenging to manage all of the information, demands and challenges that are coming at us. It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe and then to get your followers to understand what really matters and how to execute effectively. Your ability to influence your followers is key to every step of creating significant results. Courage is the key element in that process.

Participants will learn: 
  • The real definition of courage
  • The three most important steps you will ever take
  • The power of commitment
  • What your followers do, really do, when you are not around
  • The primary motivator of all people
  • The three things every leader can do to insure leadership failure
  • The importance of high gain activity and how to do more of it
  • Six steps that will insure effective execution

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Leadership Isn't for Cowards
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