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Milt Abel
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Milt Abel has over twenty years experience as a stand up comedian and motivational speaker. Milt Abel is a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker with more than 20 years experience in venues ranging from cruise ships to college campuses, and from network television to corporate events. Milt's style is clean, clever, and very funny; and always free of stereotypes, cheap shots, and laughter at the expense of others. Most of his humor focuses on his family and their interactions with the topsy-turvy world we live and work in. Yet he makes every show unique by personalizing parts of his routine to the unique characteristics of his audiences. For a good time, and a smile, you 'll want Milt Abel at your next event.

A stand-up comedian with over twenty years of professional experience, Milt has performed everywhere from television to cruise ships, from comedy clubs and college campuses to corporate events ranging in audience size of twenty to two thousand.

After a B.A. degree in drama Milt went right into a stand-up career and never looked back. He’s made numerous television appearances; several performances on An Evening At The Improv, and comedy specials for PBS and Showtime, and regularly performs for cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Princess.

Milt’s style of stand-up comedy is clean, clever, and funny. His humor has always been devoid of stereotypes, cheap shots, or laughter at anyone's expense; in other words , never divisive or derisive. With material focusing on everyday experiences about his wife and kids, travels, and how we relate to the world around us; audiences always come away feeling good about how they chose to laugh.

Milt is a writer as well; he’s written for Dennis Miller’s television show, and published a collection of humorous short stories, Stories from the Delux. With his writing ability and performance skills, Milt can make every show unique, enjoying the challenge of personalizing each show with jokes for that performance's audience.

An expressive performer; The Denver Rocky Mountain News said, "Half the show is watching his face as he tells his stories."

What got you started in stand-up comedy?

"The brochures were very alluring. There was also a campus recruiter who had set up a booth with a banner reading; Wanna make fun of people and sleep ‘till noon?’ I became a victim of aggressive marketing.”


How would you describe your comedy?

“Observational, anecdotal. Neither divisive or derisive. I stay away from cheap shots because there is nothing worse than telling a joke you’re not proud of, and it doesn’t work. A good portion of my material comes from stories and observations about my wife and kids. I have a wonderful marriage and family life but it doesn’t sound exactly like that in my show, there’s no humor in ‘we all loved each other today and we were happy, happy, happy’.”


A favorite joke of yours?

“A friend of mine spent his entire life trying to find the secret to immortality… you know what his dying words were? "No, that's not it."

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