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Misty Hyman
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    Misty Hyman is the embodiment of the Olympics, which was proven in 2000 at the Sydney Aquatic Center.

    When she was five years old, Misty Hyman's doctor recommended swimming for her asthma. The asthma improved. And so did Misty's swimming. By the time she was seven, her coach had identified the butterfly as her specialty.

    In 2000, swimming at the Sidney Olympic games, Misty defeated Susie O'Neill of Australia, who hadn't lost a 200m butterfly race in six years, to win the gold medal.

    What will go down as one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history, Misty left everyone in attendance and watching on TV in awe. Only in an Olympics does a perfect race like this ever happen. Not a chance. Misty is going to Athens in 2004!

    Misty has recently graduated from Stanford and is excited about Misty Hyman, American Icon, Olympic Legend, coming to your club to speak about:

    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Dedication
    • Mental Preparation
    • Teamwork
    • Setting Goals and Exceeding Expectations
    And obviously her personal stories from Sydney and beyond. 

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