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Mitch Gaylord
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    Mitch Gaylord first thrilled the world in 1984 when he led the United States Olympic gymnastics team to its Gold Medal victory. In addition to being the first American Gymnast in history to score a Perfect "10", Mitch went on to capture a Silver medal for Vaulting and two Bronze medals for Rings and Parallel Bars. As the number one ranked gymnast in 1983 and 1984, Mitch invented two skills now named internationally after him. To this day, the Gaylord Flip and the Gaylord Two are considered among the most difficult and spectacular feats in gymnastics.

    After the Olympics, Mitch was appointed to the President’s Council for Physical Fitness by President Reagan and was asked to return for a second term under President George Bush, Senior. During this time, he fulfilled numerous speaking engagements, endorsements and appearances across the country. In 1986, Mitch made his acting debut in Columbia Pictures’ “American Anthem” and went on to appear in several commercial advertisements including Diet Coke, Nike, Vidal Sassoon, Soloflex, Levi’s, and Texaco to name a few.

    Mitch Gaylord has been motivating and inspiring audiences worldwide for over 30 years, speaking to Fortune 500 Companies, Associations, and Students across the country.  His personal mission is to inspire others to greatness through his presentations and products.

    In 1995, he was inducted into UCLA's Hall of Fame, and in 2006, he was inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame. Mitch has served as a journalist/broadcaster for FOX Sports during the Atlanta Olympics and anchored the 2009 Maccabiah Games in Israel with JLTV. He has also served as a Celebrity Judge on NBC’s “Celebrity Circus”.

    As a motivational speaker and fitness expert, Mitch was asked to endorse several fitness products for the DRTV market including Suzanne Somers' "Torso Track" and "Body Row", as well as, "OrbiTrek Platinum" for Thane International.

    Mitch resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his beautiful wife, Valentina and is a dedicated Husband and Father to their children.


    Speech Topics 

    FOCUS: The Mindset of Excellence

    In a perfect world, organizations would effortlessly move toward their short- term and long-term goals, overcoming obstacles, breaking through barriers and taking on challenges. Employees would show up everyday with great attitudes, energized, and ready to contribute with eager anticipation. Productivity would be at a high level of excellence and results would be the byproduct of a thriving Company.


    Regardless of the economy or the economic climate of the day, companies that have the ability to focus with a mindset of excellence will always find their path to success. It was through FOCUS: The Mindset of Excellence that enabled Mitch Gaylord, America’s first “Perfect 10”, along with his Teammates to defeat the heavily-favored People’s Republic of China and take home the Gold in the 1984 Olympic Games.


    Drawing off of his Olympic background, entrepreneurial ventures and business expertise, Mitch will share with your audience his unique perspective on:


    - Clarity of Purpose: Vision, Mission, and Result

    - Raising the Bar: Courage, Belief, and Strength of Character

    - Embracing Change: Innovation, Growth, and Taking Risks

    - Passing the Torch: Leadership, Team, and Accountability

    - Sticking the Landing: Peak Performance, Mental Toughness, and Mastery


    Do the actions that you and your Team take on a daily basis produce the results you desire?


    EMBRACE YOUR GREATNESS:  How to Ignite the Fire Inside!

    In today’s world, individuals and businesses are facing challenges they’ve yet to encounter. Mitch Gaylord, motivational keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and Olympic Gold Medalist, will share with your audience key insights and strategies to breakthrough unique challenges that face us today and help you turn personal and professional dreams into reality.

     Known for being the first American Gymnast in history to receive a “Perfect 10”, Mitch’s rise to the top didn’t come without its own challenges, obstacles, and adversity. Prior to becoming the number one gymnast in the country, Mitch was viewed by his competitors as the guy with incredible natural talent that you could always count on to choke under pressure. 

    In the 1981 World Championships in Moscow, Russia (just 3 years before the 1984 Games), Mitch found himself watching from the sidelines as his teammates competed because he missed the cut during the trials and became the “Alternate” – the guy who goes in only if someone gets injured. Although devastating at the time, the experience ignited the fire inside and success became imminent.

    On the flight home, Mitch met his soon to be coach - a man who would teach him how to Embrace his Greatness and become the Champion he was meant to be. With this new mindset, intense training, and the lessons he learned, Mitch became the number one gymnast in the Country within two years, putting him on track towards Olympic Gold.


    In this powerful presentation, Mitch Gaylord shares with audiences inspiring insights regarding:


    -Overcoming limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving your Dreams

    -Breaking through your Fears, once and for all, to ignite the Fire Inside

    -Creating an Unstoppable Drive toward Success

    -Applying the “Gold Medal Mindset” to your Goals

    -Finding what’s worth Fighting For – For YOU!

    -Harnessing the Power of the 3 C’s: Commitment, Consistency, and Character


    “…the most realistic speaker we’ve presented in several years…He delivered everything I asked for and more…A perfect10! Packed with real-life experiences that we can all draw from to grow both personally and professionally.” Sprint


    * Mitch will customize his Keynote presentation in order to address the key issues of your Company or organization.

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