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Morgan Fairchild
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    Morgan Fairchild is an amazing actress, gaining a role in Search for Tomorrow, a daytime drama on CBS. She was also a star of Dallas and other shows and films.

    Morgan Fairchild was born in Dallas. In 1973, six weeks after arriving in New York, she won the role of Jennifer Pace on the CBS daytime drama, "Search for Tomorrow", a character who eventually turned murderous. 

    Soon thereafter, Morgan Fairchild was cast as Jenna Wade on the CBS series "Dallas". Fairchild would actually play the role in only one episode and it would become most identified with Priscilla Presley. By 1981, however, Fairchild had become a primetime soap diva in her own right as Constance, the spoiled adopted daughter, in NBC's "Flamingo Road". In 1984, she played Racine, the powerful and shrewd head of a modeling agency, in the short-lived ABC series "Paper Dolls" and during the 1985-86 season, joined yet another nighttime soap, "Falcon Crest" (CBS), as schizophrenic attorney Jordan Roberts. 

    Beginning with "The Seduction" (1981), Fairchild has played leads in occasional feature films, usually modestly budgeted independents or direct-to-video fodder. In "The Seduction", she was a newscaster being stalked by Andrew Stevens while she was a demanding publishing magnate in "Campus Man" (1987). Fairchild also had a cameo in the film-within-the film of "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" (1985).

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