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Nathan Jamail
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For more than a decade Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so.  Previously Nathan set record results in sales by producing top performing sales teams in capacities such as business sales, direct consumer sales, indirect sales, distribution and marketing for several Fortune 100 companies. Also named a top Executive Sales Director for Sprint where he received numerous National Sales Excellence awards and was named an Executive Coach Leader. Currently as President of Jamail Development Group, and owner of several small businesses, Nathan trains, coaches, and mentors sales professionals in many industries. Nathan is also the author of “The Sales Leaders Playbook”, a book that teaches the important principals of building a successful sales team.  “The Sales Leaders Playbook” is available at your local Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers. 

Nathan’s passion, energy and leadership have become the center of his success, and for those around him. He is known as an invincible sales leader, with the ability to take the lowest producing areas of the country and build exemplary sales teams. His coaching and programs implement strong positive belief systems and creates winning environments within organizations cultivating the highest levels of success.  Nathan has been featured and interviewed by Fox Television and various other publications regarding his leadership style and the success that he has created. 

As a practitioner and coach of sales and leadership Nathan understands that a professional sales person or leader can not be successful on a positive mental attitude alone. He teaches and more importantly believes that it takes a great balance of attitude, belief, skill, coaching and practice to maximize one’s skills and attributes for success. With his first hand experience, clients and organizations are able to identify challenges, maximize employee strengths and increase productivity. His coaching and training programs have helped organizations increase their productivity up to and over 300%.

Often people attend trainings, meetings and motivational speaking engagements, but most of the time the message is lost because it did not connect, or did not provide true value. That is why more businesses are hiring Nathan Jamail as their motivational speaker and coach- his message connects, energizes and moves people to a new level of thinking, action and success. 


Team Work of Art

Team Work of Art © is a process of teaching adults the value of working together as a team. By using a hands on activity and workshop lecture-individuals will experience the value of working together as well as learn some powerful techniques to apply to their everyday jobs. In addition the team will get to take their own piece of Team Work of Art © back to their work environment as a daily reminder of what can be accomplished when a team works together!

Nathan Jamail along with artists* Annette and Shannon will teach your group the value of Team work:
• Creating a winning environment
• Energy
• Belief system
• Sharing and leading the vision

This workshop runs from approximately 2-4 hours depending on the program selected. Due to the extraordinary nature of this program, advance booking is required along with some necessary room and set up needs. Contact us for details and booking information!
*No artistic experience necessary

Building and Leading Winning Teams

This topic/program is the same one that Nathan Jamail teaches at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas for their Executive Masters Program. As a proven sales leader himself, Nathan shows how creating the winning culture through energy, belief systems, sharing the vision and leading teams becomes the nucleus of an organization’s success. To go beyond the culture Nathan shares his insight on the execution of coaching versus managing. The audience leaves motivated with knowledge, but most importantly they leave with systems and ideas they can put into place immediately to win!

Creating a Winning Culture

This topic/program is high energy that connects with the audience emotionally and logically. The culture of a society creates the laws, behaviors and a people’s belief systems. In business it is the same. A company’s culture determines the vision, the energy, the belief systems and the overall success of the company. Nathan will move your audience and shares systems he has used in his career, researched and implemented with 100’s of company to create a winning culture. The energy thermostat will control the team’s energy and the audience will learn how to adjust that thermostat to HIGH to achieve maximum success and job satisfaction.

Stop Managing and Start Coaching

This topic/program is the nuts and bolts of building a winning team with the audience. Most company’s goals for their leaders are to develop and motivate their employees, but most of the time leaders find themselves managing the business instead- doing email, conference calls, HR issues, administrative work. Etc. To coach for excellence versus managing mediocrity is done by focusing on the key goals of coaching a team. This topic/program goes deep into the how of setting clear expectations, accountability, business plan development, one on ones, weekly practices, and floor/field days. Leaving the audience with the belief and understanding that knowledge is power, but the real power is execution!

Influential Selling Skills

This is not your typical selling skills. Influential selling skills were developed based on 2 principles:.
1. No one likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy things.
2. Selling is simple, but not easy.
This selling skills topic/program is unique in that it was created based on Nathan Jamail’s experience throughout his career as a sales person and sales leader for the past 18 years as well as research and implementation into 100’s of companies-Nathan has been there, done that! This topic covers not just the steps of a sales call, but the skills and knowledge of how to execute the steps of influential selling. This is a topic that organizations can use to make a real impact on sales.

Invest in Your Personal Equity

This topic will get put any audience on the edge of their seats! By understanding that everything starts with us, and the individual has the control of their success and future. Personal Equity consist of what a person believes and does. The passion and desire of a person will determine how much they enjoy their job or task and how far they are willing to go to achieve their goal. Positive mental attitude will determine how well a person will do at their job. Finally practice is the key to any skill. When most people go to see a motivational speaker, they find that the motivation fades away after 2 or 3 days. Nathan shares with the audience how to maintain their own motivation and prolong the effective of personal motivation.


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