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Pat Croce
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    Pat Croce began his rise through the ranks of professional sports in the training room of the Philadelphia 76ers. He quickly took on management responsibilities and soon thereafter was leading the team from the boardroom. Under his influence, the struggling NBA team became a championship contender. In recognizing this phenomenal success, Inc. magazine made him their cover story, calling Croce "The Dale Carnegie of the 21st Century." His essential strength is his ability to manage and motive the people he works with, and this is the strength he brings to his keynote speaking engagements. An energetic author, the titles of his books capture the spirit of Pat Croce's presentations: "I Feel Great and You Will Too!, "110%," and "Lead or Get Off the Pot!"

    Pat Croce, trainer turned businessman, international karate champion, partial owner and former President of the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), motivational speaker, and best selling author, proves that the classic dream of rags to riches really comes true.

    Pat Croce graced the cover of Success magazine as the first person to ascend from the training room to the boardroom of a professional sports team. It has been defined as one of the most amazing stories in sports history. His remarkable success as a physical therapist and pioneer in the sports medicine field to the colorful leader responsible for the resurrection of the Philadelphia 76ers as a NBA championship contender is even more astonishing. 

    Through his business savvy, dynamic personality, and emphasis on customer service, Croce created Sports Physical Therapists, a sports medicine empire of 40 centers in 11 states, into a top-ten finalist for the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  

    Following the sale of his company, Croce focused his entrepreneurial spirit and indestructible positive attitude to the purchase of the NBA’s last place team, the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. During his 5-year tenure as President, the team rose from worse to first in the NBA standings and broke franchise attendance, revenue, merchandise, and consecutive win records on the way to the NBA Championships against the Los Angeles Lakers. 


    In addition to being the proud recipient of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award and Sales & Marketing Management magazine’s “Best Motivator” Award, Croce was featured on the cover of Inc magazine as “The Dale Carnegie of the 21st Century.”  

    Croce, a nationally-renown motivational speaker, is a columnist for Fortune Small Business magazine, the author of the New York Times bestseller, I Feel Great and You Will Too! as well as 110%. His third book Lead or Get Off the Pot! has just been released.  


    Television has become an exciting part of Croce’s hectic schedule. He was a lively commentator on the NBA on NBC television show. He is a founding partner and in-studio host of the sporting world’s first extreme team sport and television show, Slamball on Spike TV. He is scheduled to be a commentator for the Summer Olympic Games 2004 in Greece covering the judo and tae kwon do events on NBC. And Sony Pictures Television has recently announced that Pat Croce: Moving In will air nationwide on a daily basis starting in September. 


    Finally, to demonstrate that Croce’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish, he has undertaken a most adventurous project…the creation of a pirate museum

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