Peter McLaughlin
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Peter McLaughlin
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    Peter McLaughlin delivers presentations that energize individuals, teams, and entire corporate cultures. He was selected in a national poll as one of the best business speakers in the country.

    Peter has a proven track record of providing spectacular programs that re-ignite your team's emotional commitment to be the best and give them the strategies and tools to achieve superior levels of performance. Peter's CatchFire programs speak directly to the crucial problems that confront business people in today's high-pressure environment. How do I stay energized and focused in the midst of tough problems and heavy workloads? What can I do to transform my team into an enthusiastic, cohesive, and effective unit? How do I get people to set aside complaints and creatively attack problems? How can I achieve outstanding results on the job while living a healthy, enjoyable life? 

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  • Catchfire: Igniting Energy, Defusing Stress, and Maximizing Performance
  • Whole-Brained Teamwork
  • Creative Problem Solving
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