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Phil Wexler
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Customer Service
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Professional Speaker, Author & Film Personality, Phil Wexler is one of America's most exciting and entertaining speakers. He literally charms his audiences into absorbing the wealth of knowledge and experience he shares with contagious energy.
A professional speaker for twenty-five years, Phil has delivered over 2500 speeches to Salespeople, Managers, Professionals and Executives of industrial, commercial and professional organizations worldwide. He is listed in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine as "a speaker who'll set 'em cheering." An author, video and audio personality, and recipient of the coveted C.P.A.E., awarded by the National Speakers Association to fewer than 200 of its 4000+ members and an inductee to the Speakers Hall of Fame, Phil is a polished professional who has proven his ability to deliver a successful presentation...every time.
Phil is the co-author of the best selling business book Non-Manipulative Selling, hailed as "the best sales book of the times" which approaches selling as a set of communications skills that turn prospects into long term customers. His Selling With Service program, also called Marketing Is A Philosophy, Not A Department, focuses on action ideas guaranteed to have a significant impact on the way you and your employees think about customer service. Phil and his ideas are featured in numerous other books, audio and video programs, including The Quest for Quality, Speaking of Success, The Art of Professional Serving, Six Figure Selling, and the college text, Selling By Objectives.
STYLE – Phil creates the perfect combination of HUMOR, THEATRICALITY, ALLEGORY, METAPHOR, and ANECTDOTE in his IMPROVISATIONAL presentation style, to create the perfect image of the content of his material. This allows your audience members to “experience” his material, not just “hear” his material. This makes every “TAKE HOME POINT” come alive. His 16 years as an onstage performer in the music business (starting at age 5) gives him an incredible ease on the platform and intimacy with every audience, from 20 people in a training session to 6,000 people in a convention center. To hear Phil tell it, “When I hear people talking about stage freight, I can’t even comprehend what they are talking about. I have been in front of audiences all my life. You may notice that Phil uses the entire platform and even “into the audience” throughout his presentation.

CONTENT – “As I am sure you are aware, you can have the greatest presenter in the world at your next meeting, but if he has nothing to say, the speech will be an utter failure”. Likewise, your presenter may have the greatest material in the world but if the audience doesn’t connect to the him/her intimately and is not entertained by the speaker, they won’t hear the MESSAGE.” Phil combines his unique style with powerful business and personal techniques that will be put into immediate action to define your business and improve your business success and the individual success of every audience member. From his first published book, Non-Manipulative Selling, which literally revolutionized the Sales and Sales Training Industry, through his new book coming out in 2012, “POINT COUNT”, Phil’s 5 published books and his presentation material have always been on the cutting edge of Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Individual and Market Differentiation, Personal Growth and Development and Management.

Customization – When most speakers say they customize a presentation, what they really mean is, “they will use your company name at least 6 times during the presentation”. When Phil Wexler customizes a presentation, it is an in depth process to make every major technique and philosophy, specifically relevant to your business and the lives of your audience. From an in depth questionnaire, to follow up phone calls with your employees, executives, and even customers (you control the depth of the research), Phil tailors his presentation specifically TO YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE. This not only makes the material more relevant and applicable, but it gives Phil an additional level of intimacy and trust with your group, which further enhances the “Take Home Value” of his presentation. No one in the industry does a more thorough job of customizing his or her presentation.

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The Quest for Service Quality
Non-Manipulative Selling
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The Art of Professional Servicing
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