Impact of Technology on Business

Technology is changing at an alarming rate. 2011 will be remembered for: 
  • Rapid mobile adoption by customers
  • Cloud services becoming mainstream
  • Social Commerce
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • SoLoMo (Social – Local – Mobile) applications and services

These visible trends are supported and powered by advances in multiple technologies – which when combined together result in innovative services/products for customers. For example huge data centers to manage the data created by Social/Mobile, hardware virtualization for speed, data management for personalization, wireless security, etc when combined together are having an impact on how business is done.


The way business is conducted is changing very fast. Businesses need to continuously learn and embed new technologies in their business processes to keep up with changing technology and consumer demands. Technological innovations will continue to affect all layers of the business – sales, marketing, IT, company culture, product lifecycle, customer relationships, employee mobility, supplier management and more.


In September-October 2011 the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey of 567 executives from cross the world on their expectations of the future technology impact on business. According to the survey: For many business leaders there is a sense of optimism about the future. They believe technology will enable significant leaps forward in terms of innovation, efficiency, customer relationships and many other areas of competitiveness. On the other hand more than one third (37 percent) of leaders believe their organization will be unable to keep up with technology and they will lose their competitive edge. One third of IT industry leaders believe their businesses will disappear altogether, while six out of ten survey respondents believe that many of the industries in which they operate will be significantly altered between now and 2020, bearing little similarity to today.





To stay relevant and thrive – business leaders need to develop permanent processes to monitor and adapt to technology innovation happening globally. Here are a few ways this can be accomplished 

  • Regularly participate in conferences and events in your domain. These events feature speeches by technology keynote speakers who are leaders in their field. Cutting edge technology companies are usually present at these events as well to showcase their latest products/services.
  • Stay connected with research organizations, education institutes and government agencies in your ecosystem.
  • Businesses can conduct in-house training programs and invite experts including technology speakers. So for example if your business wants to understand how cloud computing is changing business you can hire our cloud computing speakers. 

Brooks International Speakers Bureau has access to the best science and technology speakers available and will help you to select the perfect speaker for your next event. Arrangements can be made for your speaker to endorse your products and events and even participate in a meet and greet. Allow Brooks to help make your next event cutting edge.

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