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Richard Simmons
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Richard Simmons has helped people lose weight and get healthy for over twenty five years. His combination of fun, wit, comedy, and exercize has helped millions lose weight. Because of this, Richard Simmons has become the nation's most revered fitness expert.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Simmons prevailed over his own weight problem before relocating to Los Angeles in 1973. There was no significant fitness movement in this country at the time, and to no avail, Simmons attempted to find a health club that wasn't for people who were already in shape. In 1974, after consulting with doctors and nutritionists to ensure the safety of a program he tailored to the needs of the overweight, a determined Simmons established an innovative place where the overweight of the world were welcomed with open arms. This program was met with instant success. This unrivaled success continues today at SLIMMONS in Beverly Hills, where Richard still leads aerobic classes each week. 

Simmons' success as a fitness expert and advocate led to numerous local and national television and radio appearances, and in the mid- 70's, Simmons began a four-year run on "General Hospital". Following that, Simmons hosted "The Richard Simmons Show", a nationally syndicated, Emmy Award-winning series that ran for four years.

Following the run of his own network television show, Simmons created two of the most successful weight-loss programs ever: Deal-A-Meal and FoodMover. Simmons has continued to find unparalleled success with the marketing of his products in infomercials and on QVC, where he has sold over 27 million units of his products over the past 15 years, beginning with his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" infomercial which debuted in 1986. Currently you can see Simmons 16th infomercial for his "Blast Off the Pounds" program, which features a trio of original videos and revolutionary "cool weights".

Recognizing that his audience spans all across America, Simmons averages some 300 days on tour each year. Whether it be a women's expo, a nursing home, a high school, children's hospital, a shopping mall, a corporate seminar, or sales meeting, Simmons considers himself fortunate to come face to face with hundreds of thousands of people each year. Whether it be at an airport, a hotel, a restaurant, or a parking lot, those who feel they "know" him never hesitate to approach him, usually in search of encouragement. Simmons, who lives by the words of his father, Leonard, "Richard, know no strangers", never disappoints

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