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Robert Gordman
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    Robert Gordman is President of The Gordman Group and the author of Do You Know What You Don't Know and What It Costs You?, Secrets of the $uper $weet $pot: Building Sustained, Profitable Growth and The Must-Have Customer: 7 Steps to Winning the Customer You Haven’t Got. The Gordman Group team consists of seasoned business executives with track records of success. This consulting practice shows companies how to achieve sustained, profitable growth.

    For over 20 years Bob held executive management positions in various companies. During the past 20 years as a consultant, he has provided services to clients in many industries such as computer manufacturing and distribution, retail, direct marketing, weight loss, appliance manufacturing, advertising, trucking and banking.

    His clients have included senior management of Fortune 500 companies including Berkshire-Hathaway Retail, IBM PC Company US, IBM PC Company Canada, Kmart Corporation, KPMG, Saks Inc., VF Corporation, Weight Watchers International and Whirlpool Corporation.

    Bob also spent five years as Senior Consulting Partner for the Gallup Organization, specializing in strategic planning.

    In 1989 Bob was inducted into the Gallup Organization Management Hall of Fame.

    Robert Gordman has made presentations to Fortune 500 companies and major trade associations. He never uses “canned” speeches, but customizes each talk to the organization’s requirement. He has the experience to provide your group with an informative, lively keynote or dinner speech or an educational interactive half-day workshop.  In addition to the speeches below, he can speak on a wide variety of retail topics such as global strategic perspective for retailers, conducting actionable customer-relevant research, and how to create effective advertising that increases sales and profits.

    Speech Topics:

    Do You Know What You Don’t Know? and What it Costs You

    Every single day businesses and individuals fail because they don’t understand the unknown unknowns. This presentation shows how to avoid the trap of the unknown unknowns by asking the right people the right questions while feeling clever, competent, and managerial. Participants will discover how to focus their energy to figure out what they don’t know by digging deeper into pertinent facts and numbers. They’ll learn how to determine what’s critical to their business and personal success.

    Avoid the Trap of Moo-Cow Management

    Blindly following another company’s business model for success is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Participants who attend this presentation will learn how to create a strategic plan that will build sustained, profitable growth. This includes creating a Super Sweet Spot that sets the company apart from its competition, identifying Core and Must-Have Customers and understanding their rules, and using advertising that actually increases sales and profits. When management stops copying other companies’ actions and devises its own customer-relevant strategy, it can avoid the trap of moo-cow management.

    Make More Money with a Super Sweet Spot

    Discover how to use your company’s customer-relevant strengths to build a unique Super Sweet Spot that will set you apart from your competition. Every action must support a company’s Super Sweet Spot from deciding what products or services to sell, to hiring the right person for every job, to developing communications and advertising strategies that actually produce results. This presentation will show how to engage people from every part of your company to make crucial decisions and implement strategies for sustained, profitable growth.

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  • Do You Know What You Don’t Know? and What it Costs You
  • Avoid the Trap of Moo-Cow Management
  • Make More Money with a Super Sweet Spot
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