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Rod McKinnis
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Rod McKinnis teaches proven and effective sales strategies that can help any sales person thrive regardless of the industry or environment. His sales presentation will transform into instant results from your sales team.


Today's buyers are more sophisticated.  Sales professionals are challenged to meet both the business and emotional needs of prospects and customers. Rod McKinnis, Builder of Better Sales Professionals and best selling author, is a master of sales and emotional intelligence. Having successfully transformed numerous publicly traded sales organizations, Rod is regarded as "strategically brilliant" for the creation and execution of the most efficient and effective sales strategies. 


Rod commands a stage presence and possesses an amazing gift of establishing immediate rapport with audiences.  McKinnis offers a fresh, charismatic, engaging sales message laced with "next day takeaways" for everyone to apply in their careers and lives. In Rod's presentations, he shares his secrets on:


-The only way to "recession proof" desired results

-How to forge customer loyalty in just 6 seconds

-7 universal benefits that inspire buyers to act

-The best way to shorten sales cycles by 50%

-How to leverage a prospect's outbound voicemail and close more deals


Too often sales professionals and organizations are challenged with the riddles of inconsistent sales results.  Rod has proven solutions and is considered a "Sales Expert" by Selling Power magazine a "Master Sales Management Strategist" by  How powerful is Rod's sales intelligence? Rod works with many Fortune Global 400 companies under exclusive agreements and has created thousands of $100k producers in the past 3 years.

Discover why Sales and Marketing magazine calls Rod the "Next Generation Sales Guru." Also learn how Rod helped:


NASCAR sales grew revenue 53% in 3 months during a recession

A floundering multi-million dollar Financial Services business unit return to profitability in 6 months

$38 million dollar sales unit of the U.S. Government grow revenue 50% in 12 months

European new hires exceed stringent sales quotas by 164% in 6 months

Multi-million dollar business unit grow revenue 280% in 12 months during a recession


And more!  Rod's message will inspire any sales organization in any sales environment. How? Rod's visually entertaining and thought provoking message unlocks the intrinsic potential of sales professionals instantly, leaving a positive impact on both the professional and personal lives. His next generation sales message appeals to every experience level. The audience will be riveted, on the edge of their seats and inspired to put his words into action in effort to become a better sales professional.


Schedule Rod for your next sales conference or seminar… your team will be forever grateful. With a keynote or a full day, your team will be positioned for SALES GREATNESS!


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