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Russell Redenbaugh
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    Blind from the age of 16, Russell Redenbaugh's achievement as a successful economist and investor, a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission serving under three US Presidents and a three time gold medal jujitsu world champion fighting sighted opponents, prove that if he can, you can.  Russell believes we all live in narratives that both produce and limit our opportunities.  We live as though these narratives are fixed, rigid, unchangeable things.  Instead, Russell shows audiences that these are merely stories from which we design our lives, and they can be changed.  Typically, motivational and inspirational talks only last until you return to your regular life.  That is a pitiful return on the client’s money and the audience’s time.  Most of us think that our circumstances produce our narratives, but Russell shows it is our narratives that produce our circumstances.  Through a simple set of actions and behaviors, Russell demonstrates how you can "Shift Your Narrative" to produce more of what you care about, starting today.

    After a mediocre at best high school record, Russell transformed himself into a serious student and graduated from the University of Utah, first in his class.  Both Harvard and Stanford declined his admission since no blind person could manage programs like theirs.  Those schools held the narratives to make that true, while Russell went on to graduate fifth in his class from the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania.  Upon graduation Russell found it hard to land his first job, having 48 interviews with 48 no’s.  It was then that a small Philadelphia money management firm decided that they were in the business of investing and decided to invest, that is take a chance, on Russell.  Russell went on to become Chief Investment Officer and helped grow the firm to $6 billion in assets.  After successfully selling the firm, Russell moved on to teach at Wharton, serve as a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission and invest in venture capital. Russell served on the US Civil Rights Commission for 15 years and there developed a deeper understanding between economic policy and financial markets.  Russell moved back into the investment business because he was unsatisfied with the conventional narratives of the investment industry. He started Kairos Capital Advisors to manage his own and his investors’ money in a different way.  Russell also co-authors a weekly newsletter called “Reading the World” that helps bust the narratives and thinking of the financial press.  Outside of business Russell has earned a black belt in jujitsu and won three gold medals in the world championships held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, fighting sighted opponents.  Russell recently decided to share his story and learning with wider audiences beginning by speaking at the 2013 TedX conference in Bend, Oregon.

    Russell’s diverse achievements are tied together by the themes that conventional thinking did not accept any of them, and they were only attainable when he created his own narratives.  The narratives we all live in can be changed, beginning with some simple steps that you can start today.

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