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Sam Geist
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    Sam Geist has worked as a professional speaker, consultant, and facilitator for organizations across the world for the last thirteen years.
    His "ideas" programs are not just sizzle, they offer substance-they include tangible solutions. They provide a wealth of information and the impetus to act on it. Sam informs. He stimulates. He re-focuses participants. He provides actionable strategies for the obstacles faced by so many of today's organizations.

    Before each presentation he conducts industry-related and company-specific research, including distributing his "What Hurts" questionnaire to program organizers. The information he receives enables him to customize his presentations and handout material to the interests and concerns of participants and organizers.

    By program's end, participants have so much more than "just stuff" to think about. They have the ammunition, know-how & incentive to prepare a viable action plan... and DO IT!

    As a facilitator during discussions and brainstorming workshops, he uses the Socratic method to encourage participants to think about their business in new ways, to adopt different vantage points for decision making than they held before-in order to change, to improve, to grow.

    He insists that asking tough questions-and answering them honestly is crucial to the well being of every organization.

    Utilizing his years of experience in both the retail industry and the marketing arena, Sam Geist is able to prepare and present a variety of customized programs including advertising workshops, merchandising sessions and operations how-to presentations.

    Sam also has extensive experience consulting to companies involved in restructuring.

    Sam will assist to capitalize your resources and use your knowledge more profitably than you ever did before.

    To create a hard copy of his ideas, suggestions and how-to's, Sam has written two fact-filled business books. "Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?" explores new perspectives and differentiating strategies to get and keep customers, to increase staff productivity and to enhance business profitability. "Would You Work For You" encourages leaders to look at themselves in the mirror and be accountable for who they see. It clearly differentiates a leader from a boss, offering them the tools to maximize their potential to be a better leader - a better person.

    Sam maintains offices in Toronto, Ontario Canada and Naples, Florida USA.

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  • Would You Work for You?
  • Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow
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