Sandra Shelton
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Sandra Shelton
Key Topics:
  • Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Productivity - Workforce Engagement
  • Service
  • Stress/Time Management/Professional Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)
  • Bio Info:

    Sandra A. Shelton, MEd., CTACC is an international speaker, author, executive coach and media guest.. She is a thought leader in interpersonal communication, leadership development, team building, customer service, and community involvement. A seasoned speaking professional, She is brilliant at raising the bar by creating a portfolio of possibilities “with”not “to” audiences and strategic planning groups.

    Sandra’s upbeat presentations are effective because they are based in real-world experience from a wide variety of corporate settings (from undersea construction management to the former World Trade Center Steering Committee) and as an academic. Sandra's presentations “take” because they are infused with humor and cutting-edge insights that focus on clear, constructive communication.

    She has been making a difference in over 2800 presentations over 2 decades, in 15 countries, and to hundreds of companies such as: AT&T, American Airlines, AstraMerck Pharmaceutical, United Way, Comerica Bank, Federal Express, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Coca-Cola®, Texas Instruments, Texas Education Association, US AirForce, Novell, Inc., Club Managers Association, StrengthBank Inc., Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, US Navy, US Army, Showtime, Inc., National Healthcare Review, Prudential Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Memorial Care Systems, NASA, National Missile Defense/Army.


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