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Scott Gross
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    T. Scott Gross is a master at removing mystery. His ability to communicate complex ideas simply comes from years of hands-on training, primarily in the hospitality industry. 

    When not speaking at conferences and conventions, Scott handles the day-to-day operations of one of the nation's most unique service training companies. T. Scott Gross & Company is today's model for tomorrow's corporations and gives Scott the real-life business involvement he needs to keep his presentations fresh, alive and relevant. Scott is best known for his high-energy platform skills. His gentle humor keeps audiences laughing while they learn handfuls of practical ideas. 

    Whether speaking to a corporation of national association, Scott is a storyteller extraordinaire, comfortable with audiences of any size. He is most at home with professionals who have high customer contact. Scott has helped some of America's best-run organizations design video-based training programs, intended mostly for employees with direct customer contact. 

    Scott's training experience has developed in him a keen sense of how to explain even complicated issues simply and clearly, with a high degree of interest. Scott has created one of America's most unique video production companies. He has discovered how to be the low cost provider of quality video training and marketing programs. At T. Scott Gross & Company, "ideas you can see" is more than a slogan. It's a promise. Scott has turned his skills as a script writer and platform performer into fun-to-read books. 

    Although Scott considers himself to be a lifelong restaurateur, today he spends time writing, speaking and enjoying his association with a dedicated team of service management experts. The "& Company" part of T. Scott Gross is an eclectic mixed of talented speaker-trainer-video producers who, like Scott, share a passion for hands-on training and practical solutions to real world problems.

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