Scott Rosthauser
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Scott Rosthauser
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    Scott Rosthauser is the owner and president of Lakeside Consulting, a training and organizational consultation company in Lakewood, Colorado.

    He had earlier established a career as a marital and family therapist  he discovered he liked talking more than his clients did. In 1990, Scott began delivering workplace-based workshops, and has presented to well over 20,000 employees throughout the United States. He has developed a reputation for humorous and thought-provoking seminars. Central to Scott's delivery style is the notion that people can learn at an accelerated rate when they are laughing. 

    Motivational speaker, organizational consultant and psychotherapist in recovery, Scott has been delivering workshops to well over 250 companies for the last ten years. Scott's style is a refreshing mix of humor, wisdom, and well, quite frankly a different perspective on just about everything. 

    Scott's training experiences with an impressive array of organizations, industries and marketplaces have allowed him to reach an interesting and dynamic view of life, work, relationships and all ports in between. 


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  • Surviving Organizational Change
  • Talking Through the Organization
  • Resetting Your Personal Compass
  • Overcoming Difficult and Upset People
  • Redetermining Workplace Loyalty
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