Shawn Harper
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Shawn Harper
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    Shawn grew up one of six children in a home affected by divorce and poverty. He also suffered from 4 to 5 learning disabilities which led to subsequent academic and disciplinary problems in school. He actually graduated with the very last academic ranking of his high school class (1.62 GPA). Fortunately, he was given a chance to play football in his senior year at high school, and although a below-average player, he also received the opportunity to play while attending a junior college in Mason City, Iowa. During this time, Shawn went through a metamorphosis and made a radical change in his attitude. He set what seemed like impossible goals for himself, including going to a Big-Ten University and the NFL.

    By the time of his graduation from junior college, he was noticed by Indiana University and given a chance to play football. After two seasons, he gained the attention of the NFL and was drafted third-pick in the fourth round to the L.A. Rams. Shawn continued to play football for 7 years while sharing his life stories with various non-profit groups, churches, and corporations during the off-seasons. After officially retiring from the NFL in the year 2000, Shawn assumed that his speaking engagements would subside, but the opposite happened instead! He has been able to speak around the nation and the world, impacting audiences of all sizes, ages, demographics, and locations.

    He is also President and CEO of American Services and Protection, LLC, which has better equipped him to address corporate audiences. Whether schools, churches, non-profit organizations, or corporations, Shawn's universal message of hope and inspiration, can motivate, energize, and inspire them time and time again. Shawn's life statement is "A Setback is a Set Up for a Comeback!"

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  • Your Self Concept
  • A Setback is a Set Up for a Comeback!
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