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Sheryl Crow
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    Sheryl Crow has undergone many changes in her music throughout her career, starting out as country and moving into Pop, then crossing back over into country. Her diversity and talent has made her a favorite among all generations and genres.

    The music of Sheryl Crow has long reflected the musical passions that inspired her back when she was growing up in Kennett, MO. From her breakthrough debut Tuesday Night Music Club (1994) to the self-titled Sheryl Crow (1996) and her album The Globe Sessions (1998), Crow has continued to explore her passions and define her distinctive voice, staking her fertile turf as a singer-songwriter. Now with her latest shining gem, C'mon, C'mon, Crow has turned up the volume and loosened the mood to make the direct rock & roll album that made her want to make music in the first place.

    C'mon, C'mon is an instant charmer of a rock album - an immediate road trip classic. For Crow the making of the album was a long, hard road. Indeed, even coming up with an appropriate title for the album seemed to take forever. "The original album title was going to be Songs from the Waiting Room because all the way through the process of making this record that title had a lot of meaning for me," says Crow. "But that title was in conflict with the spirit of the record." 

    Crow explains that she yearned to make an album "in the flavor of '70s and '80s classic rock - rock songs that were crafted, that you could sing; songs that were like the soundtrack to your summer - songs that were really committed to rock." And so it was that Crow found herself with a kick-ass album and no title to match. At the eleventh hour she speedily wrote and recorded the song "C'mon, C'mon" - a standout, crunchy rocker featuring Crow's longtime friend Stevie Nicks. "It just seemed to evoke the feeling of the rest of the record," Crow explains. And C'mon, C'mon is definitely an album with lots of feeling. 

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