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    After spending a decade and a half working with the federal government and large corporations – including the U.S. Congress and Treasury Department – Steven Moss decided that they way to make lasting positive change was at the community level. He founded San Francisco Community Power, which has helped thousands of small businesses and low-income families reduce their energy and water use. He took over the Potrero View, San Francisco’s longest-running neighborhood newspaper, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. And he pioneered a number of community-based approaches to addressing global climate change and other environmental issues while providing jobs to under- or unemployed people. Steven frequently airs commentaries on public radio, and publishes a monthly column in the View. 

    Organic Energy

    As a leader in the energy sector for almost two decades, Steven Moss has a keen understanding of how the electric industry has evolved, and what’s in our energy future, particularly as global climate change, and the policies adopted to address it, takes hold.  During the 1990s, on behalf of California farmers, among others, Steven worked to slow the steady rise of electricity rates, only to witness the Enron-triggered implosion of Western energy markets.  Now the emergence of small-scale energy systems, such as solar, wind, efficiency, storage, and new pricing schemes will usher in the greatest change in how we use energy since Edison invented the light bulb.  Steven’s experience helping farmers shift from diesel to electric-power motors, and leading a small nonprofit to pioneer new ways for families and small businesses to better manage their energy and water use – including tapping into emerging carbon markets – informs his discussion of the coming organic energy age.

    Climate for Community

    Based on his ten-year experience helping low-income families and small businesses reduce their energy use Steven has piloted multiple ways to engage vulnerable communities in the fight against global climate change.  Under his Climate for Community initiative families and small enterprises would be paid to reduce their polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions.  Under his CARE proposal low-income families would be allowed to use their existing energy bill subsidizes to finance efficiency improvements, lowering their and society’s costs over the long-run.

    From Newspapers to News – Paperless Civic Engagement

    Steven Moss took over as publisher/editor of the Potrero View, San Francisco’s longest-running community newspaper, a half-decade ago, right before the common wisdom declared the newspaper industry dead.  Since that time Steven’s brought the View – which, when he took it over, was still being laid out using scissors and a paste board – to the Internet age, creating a website, online ads, and video feeds.  Steven talks about the need for local news in a paperless age, and how one small newspaper is navigating the electronic information age

    Media Links

    Kitchen Clunkers, July 13, 2009
    Your old car may not be the only environmentally harmful clunker you own. Steve Moss looks at the kitchen equivalent of a gas guzzler -- the refrigerator.

    Taking Care, November 3, 2008
    A PG&E program subsidizes the energy costs of low-income Californians, but Steven Moss argues there's a better way to include poorer communities in the green revolution.

    Blackouts, September 1, 2005
    Are our billions of electricity dollars really paying for the power we need? Steven Moss comments.

    Organic Energy, February 10, 2009
    Steven Moss thinks a new approach to solving our energy problems should learn some lessons from the organic food and slow cooking movements.

    Publisher's View, from The Potrero View

    Dead Plant Walking May Issue, 2009
    It's not needed, we don't want it:  close the Potrero Power Plant now.

    Care April Issue, 2009
    Let's redirect energy subsidies for low-income families to make their, and our, lives better.

    Yes We Can December Issue, 2008
    Obama has made community organizing cool.  What are you going to do about it?

    Focused Energy August Issue, 2008
    Let's create a new, community-based energy system:  organic energy.


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