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Sue Hershkowitz
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Customer Service
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Sue Hershkowitz has a bold and successful view of the business world that she is determined to share with the world. She motivates everyone to embrace challenges that lead to success, and learn how to communicate more effectively.

Professionalism, profitability, and potential. These are the key themes of Sue Hershkowitz's writings and speeches to audiences across the business world. With passion and enthusiasm, he inspires and motivates readers audiences to embrace the challenges that lead to success. Most important of these is communication; how to communicate with other people so they'll do what you ask them to do, how to develop and maintain good customer relations, how to build the image of your company both within and beyond its walls, and how to share communication about ways that a business can develop and share new ideas. When you recognize that the status quo in your company has to change, when you see that good enough just won't work, Sue Hershkowitz is who you want .


She's good. She loves what she does. Her passion and enthusiasm create a powerful positive momentum for your meeting. She hasn't climbed any more mountains than you have. She hasn't overcome more obstacles than many of your people. What she does is work hard, observe, research and make people think. And she has a gift for delivering the message in a way that connects heart to heart and head to head.

Professionalism. Profitability. Potential.

Sue has written books and articles on the skills critical for business success. She speaks about the practical skills needed to get ahead... how to get other people to do what you want them to do -- and maintain connectedness through it to communicate with colleagues, clients, customers to enhance professional image and service to create, build, maintain, sustain to think better and perform differently than ever before?

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