T.P. Mulrooney
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T.P. Mulrooney
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    T.P. Mulrooney takes his golf seriously, but he makes his living being funny about the game.

    T.P. began his standup comedy career in the comedy clubs of WashingtonD.C. and New York while still a journalism student at the University of Maryland.  It didn't take long before Showtime, HBO, the major networks, Comedy Central and The Golf Channel showcased his talents.

    The Chicago Sun-Times called him "one of the best observational comedians in the business" for his ability to transform personal experiences and viewpoints into standup bits everyone could enjoy.

    Then, in the late 1980's, a new life experience transformed him and his art --golf. T.P. was hooked. By the mid 90's his love of the game overtook T.P. and his comedy. Deciding not to fight this new focus, he became a comedian for fellow golfers, finding his target audience at more than 400 corporate and charity golf events over the past five years, including some of golf's classics, The Ryder Cup, The Masters and The Players Championship.  Jack Russell, Tournament Director of the Long Island Classic, dubbed TP "The Official Comic of the Senior PGA Tour."

    T.P.'s motto... "To be funny about the game without making fun of the game" has allowed him to capture the soul of golfers from 30-handicappers to Arnold Palmer and garner the banner headline "A Thinking Man's Comedian" from The Chicago Daily Herald. 

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