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The Blue Man Group
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Blue Man Group is a theatrical production that features three bald headed blue painted characters who take the audience on a multimedia journey. They are described as innovative and hilarious, and are often booked for corporate events.

Blue Man Group is also known for its unique style of music which is played on invented, industrial / tribal instruments. Blue Man Group's debut album "AUDIO" has just been released on Virgin Records. One fan on the review site called it "a glorious wall of sound." The people in the Blue Man Group organization, headed by founders Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink, try to bring both innovation and playful irreverence to everything they create. This applies not only to theatre and music, but also to advertising, outside appearances, and behind the scene videos. What is the show like?It is not an exaggeration to say that Blue Man Group's shows are unlike anything else. Also, because the element of surprise plays such an important role, for most people it is best to take a "leap of faith" and just come see it. What kinds of people like the show? One of the most surprising aspects of Blue Man Group's success is its broad appeal. The show grew out of the art scene in New York's East Village and Soho neighborhoods, but soon crossed over to a much broader audience. Perhaps this popularity came about because the spirit of the show is one of inclusion and universality. Perhaps it is because the show pokes fun at pretension and some of the isolating effects of modern life. Perhaps it is because no matter where we come from or how old we are, we all share an innate receptivity to primal, celebratory, fun. But for whatever reason, people from all walks of life and all age groups seem to enjoy the show. Interestingly, Blue Man Group's popularity has reached a large international following as well. The show has been widely received in countries all over the world, and for reasons not entirely understood, Blue Man Group's popularity has grown to almost cult-like status in Japan, Brazil, and Israel. In fact, so many people from those countries come to the show that Blue Man Group decided to add text in Japanese, Portuguese, and Hebrew to one of the posters that appear in the New York production. 

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The Blue Man Group
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