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The Pink Flamingos
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About The Pink Flamingos...
With over twenty years experience in Special Event entertainment you'll discover "The Pinks" have changed the stage forever. Now people compare other acts to The Pink Flamingos, they expect audience participation and they look forward to The Pink Flamingos coming up with the next great idea.

The Pink Flamingos are one of the most successful, dynamic, and unique entertainment groups touring the United States and the world. They have traveled throughout Europe, representing the United States at The World Cup Soccer Finals in Paris, performing for Federal Express in Monte Carlo, as well as for Ameritech in Brussels for two consecutive years.

They count among their clients and friends the best of the Fortune 500: AT&T, Ford, GM, GE, IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, AOL, Intel, Nokia, Yamaha, and DaimlerChrysler, to name a few and have been named the Official Band of the INC. 500.

The group provides a wide range of music from elegant and classy dinner music to Broadway show tunes, from themed extravaganzas to the most energetic, spontaneous dance party ever seen!

The Pink Flamingos have built a reputation on their ability to get audiences involved. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Throughout their non-stop performance they have the audience out of their seats, on their feet, and up on the stage all night long. The "Pinks" combine audience participation with choreography, outrageously original costuming, and the best of rock, R&B, disco, country, and contemporary music to produce an evening of entertainment that will be long remembered.

When The Pink Flamingos come to an event, they not only bring the music; they bring the party! The Pink Flamingos are maestros of the magic that brings people together.

We are a Performance Arts Collective of:
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Artists
  • Choreographers
  • Technicians
  • Songwriters
  • Show Designers
  • On-site Coordinators
  • Videographers
Our Approach to Entertainment...

With all our years of experience in the entertainment business, we’ve learned a lot. Timing is everything. No two audiences are alike. No two event spaces are the same. Each event space has a different atmosphere, tone, lighting scheme, dimensions, and mood—just as each audience has differing atmospheres, temperaments, moods, demographics, etc. That’s why we’ve created the Intentional Experience—a concrete plan that will ensure the best possible show every time.

Our Intention: We take every event from its current level of vibration to its absolute highest possible level of vibration, which means your event will have maximum energy potential and the greatest bonding potential.

This is accomplished by really listening and connecting to the client on the first call. We treat every event like our own, and meeting planners can feel this dedication throughout the planning period and the event itself.

For most events we handle many details for the meeting planner well in advance of the performance. When appropriate we assist in the room layout, the room lighting, coordinating with other service providers, and more. We base decisions and suggestions on the schedule of the evening, the audience demographics, the nature of the room itself, the event’s theme, and the overall intent of the event.

With a focus on serving the audience through music we strive to stand in the audience’s shoes; from that vantage point we are flexible enough to go in whatever direction will best serve that particular group of guests. This may require shifting gears from dance music back to show tunes, or playing slow songs every 3rd song, or not playing a single slow tune. We do whatever it takes to engage everyone while disengaging inhibitions, so “the little kid inside” can come out and play for a few hours.

The Pinks have an on-site producer for every gig that is available to the client/meeting planner, 24-hours a day. This producer can serve as your extra set of eyes and ears and serves as a liaison between the entertainment and the meeting planner/client. Through great attention to pacing, timing, energy levels, the flow of transitions, etc., this producer helps steer the entertainment for the best possible outcome. There is a very intentional pace to our performance no matter what the format of the evening; whether it’s a stand-up, three-hour reception or a four-hour, sit-down dinner, awards banquet, buffet, or show only, there is an intentional timing that is based on the audience environment at hand.

There is also a way to warm-up an audience that allows the performers to find a balancing point, a way to win over that particular group of individuals. Though we sometimes experience a panicked meeting planner, typically when we are one or two songs away from that perfect transition point where we move the audience seamlessly from dinner show into dancing, we are almost always able to convince the meeting planner that everything is unfolding perfectly, and inevitably the meeting planner is “amazed,” “elated” and “grateful” for the end result. This is because we feed off the audience and plan our entertainment accordingly. This type of showmanship can only be exhibited by a group of experienced performers—like the ones you’ll find with Pink Flamingos Productions.

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