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Tim Daggett
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Tim Daggett earned the first Olympic gold medal for the US Men's Gymnastics team with a perfect ten score. Despite contstant hardship and injuries, Tim has continued in the sport he loves, becoming an inspiration to all.

Tim Daggett is not an ordinary speaker. He adds to his lecture two heart-felt video presentations, plus the awe-inspiring gymnastics demonstration--all of which combine to entertain, captivate and encourage audiences to "go for their gold."

Tim is a teacher, and he is a do-er. His presentations are filled with a unique mix of emotion, humor and entertainment, and as he shares his momentous success and his heroic struggle, he touches the hearts of all who hear him.

Tim has established a multi-million dollar training facility for gymnastics in Agawam, Massachusetts. Over 1300 children of all ages flood to the gym each week to enhance their lives and grow through the sport of gymnastics. Tim's responsibility in the facility's daily operations gives him real world experience when speaking to companies and associations. He's not just a speaker addressing past glories; he is a motivated problem solver, constantly improving his businesses through intelligent action.

After years of successful presentations and numerous inquires about a book, Tim knew it was time to put pen to paper. Dare to Dream was born and it chronicles his life. Recently Tim also co-authored a chapter from the book Awaken the Olympian Within, along with other USA Olympic medalists.

For the past nine years, Tim Daggett has been the expert color commentator for NBC during all gymnastics events. His tenure includes the 1992, 1996 and upcoming 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, as well as all major events held in the USA.

Today Tim Daggett is one of the most "in demand" professional speakers in the country. His story of inner strength, motivation and learning to overcome insurmountable obstacles shows audiences that with commitment to a goal, and belief in oneself, anything is possible.

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