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Tim Sanders
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    Tim Sanders is the maverick CEO of Los Angeles tech start-up Net Minds and founder of research firm Deeper Media Incorporated. Prior to these positions, he was the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo, as well as its Leadership Coach (2001-2005). He’s a strategic consultant to leading brands, associations and government agencies.

    His background is economics, psychology and debate, giving him a rare blend of stories and science to move audiences to action. He’s weathered the Quality Movement, the Dotcom Crash and the recent downturn of 2008 – emerging stronger from the experience.

    Time Magazine called him a “Public Consultant” because of his extensive pre-keynote research and highly customized advice points for groups. He’s one of the top rated speakers in the history of over twenty conferences, conventions and offsite meetings.

    Tim is the author of four books, including the global best seller Love Is The Killer App: How to Win Business & Influence Friends. His second book, The Likeability Factor was featured in major media from USA Today to the New York Times. His latest book, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence is an Inc. Magazine business bestseller. Its message: “Take control of your outlook and get your confidence back!” is right for the times.

    Corporate Experience

    Tim has valuable experience in cutting-edge businesses, sales and marketing. He's weathered the quality movement as well as the dotcom crash and emerged with precious insight.

    After graduate school and a short stint working with quality movement guru Ed Deming, Sanders went to work for Southwestern Bell Mobile systems at the birth of the U.S. cellular phone industry. He applied his expertise of quality, marketing and sales to help launch one of the most important industries of our time – wireless communications for the masses.

    In 1996, Sanders went to work at broadcast.com for Mark Cuban, an audacious entrepreneur. After the company was sold to Yahoo!, Sanders created and led the Yahoo! ValueLab, an in-house "think tank" which delivered futuristic insight on technology and human behavior. While working there, he discovered that the company was moving too slowly for the innovation required at the time. Leading by example, he started a movement that inspired their executives to make more and faster decisions and to take calculated risks. Even though he was just a Director, within one year, market analysts and board members recognized him as the leader in the company.

    In 2002, Sanders was named Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, at a time when the Internet industry was going through significant change and pressure from the stock market. He was charged with responding to multi-million dollar critical situations and empowered to make decisions in the field. From this experience, he learned that leadership is a personal decision, not just the function of a title.

    Educational Background

    Tim attended Loyola Marymount University and studied in the graduate school of communications at the University of Arizona.


     Today We are Rich  Love is the Killer App   The Likeability Factor   Saving the World at Work

    The Social Opportunity
    Consultant and best-selling author Tim Sanders has a message to deliver to companies and associations: The future is about self-generated content that can be easily shared. This is the essence of what social media actually is. It’s no mystery:
    It’s how all of us will discover our world and express ourselves. For companies and organizations of all types, it will be the heart of market research, customer connections and building a brand. 
    Special consulting bonus: Will conduct phone research and make a written recommendation to meeting managers on how to best leverage social channels to drive meeting success (be it engagement, content distribution, measuring 
    sentiment or activity).
    Special deliverable: Free customized eBook (example) for each attendee that includes relevant case studies from the attending audience! (if possible).
    The Social Opportunity: 3 Ways To Leverage New Media For Your Business
    Long time new media expert and former Yahoo CSO Tim Sanders has participated in the rise of social media, from its early days of instant messenger updates and bulletin boards to the rise of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In this keynote, he will unravel the mystery surrounding how to leverage it to generate business, cut costs and recruit talent into your organization. His talk is not a review on ‘of-themoment’ platforms or tools, but instead, he offers a blueprint for leveraging any new media innovation, whether it’s a new social networking service, mobile app or publishing platform.
    Based on numerous case studies relevant to your industry or situation, his talk will provide actionable takeaways such as: 
    • How to tune into the conversation about your company, your market and your competitors with low cost tools. 
    • How to apply this new found information to improve service, your product offering and your competitive advantage. 
    • How to connect with customers and potential employees over social media by interacting with and sharing their content - and why that’s the new warm call.
    • How to contribute to the marketplace conversation and create top of mind positioning for your organization. 
    • How to create an editorial calendar based on your customer’s informational needs.
    • How to leverage social media for talent acquisition and employee retention.
    • How to streamline or delegate social media activities to ensure a rock solid return-on-investment of your time. 
    • How to prioritize which social media platform you should invest time with to achieve the greatest impact. 

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