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Tim and Kris O'Shea
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Change 180
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Humorous Motivational Speakers
You've seen every keynote speaker out there. Your people have heard it all. Now it's time for something fresh, fun, and different.

Described as "Saturday Night Live for Business," humorous motivational speakers Tim and Kris O'Shea offer one-of-a-kind business humor programs. Merging an entertaining delivery style with relevant subject matter, The O'Sheas understand what meeting planners want.

Their innovative corporate humor programs will get your attendees motivated about workplace challenges and the fast pace of the world.

CEOs of Corporate Comedy
Because The O'Sheas take the time to learn about each client's needs and issues, the customized business comedy programs are relevant and engaging.

The results:
-Renewed energy and a healthy perspective on dealing with topical issues
-The mindset to confront challenges with flexibility, not fear
-New appreciation for viewing a fast-paced world with adaptability and an open mind
-Happy attendees who are glad that they went to the meeting
Funny Motivational Speakers
Voted among the "Top 5 Entertainment Speakers" by Speakers Platform and profiled with the "Top 25 Hot Speakers" by the National Speakers Association, Tim and Kris O'Shea expertly blend business with humor.

The outcome?
Happy clients:

"The O'Sheas presented their Change 180 keynote as the closing of our business meeting. This was the first meeting of business leaders and commercial employees from three companies brought together as a result of recent acquisitions - definitely a time of change. The O'Sheas' program was spot on, personalized to our company, and got lots of laughs! The O'Sheas definitely delivered for Amcor. We will recommend them highly. The best speakers we have had at our meetings over the last twenty years."
--Amcor Rigid Plastics North America


Keynote Program

“Change 180”


You’ve seen every motivational keynote speaker out there. Your people have heard it all. Now it’s time for something fresh, fun, and different. 


Merging anentertaining delivery style with relevant subject matter, humorous motivational speakers Tim and KrisO’Shea present a one-of-a-kind keynote that will get your people motivated about workplace challenges and the exponential pace of the world.


Technology, organizations, fads, fashions, they are all changing...fast. So much so that pretty soon the iPad will be thought of as Amish furniture.

It's time to laugh about it.

Described as Saturday-Night-Live-for-business,“Change 180”takes you on a humorous and informative journey through the ups and downs of dealing with change. Whether you’re going through organizational transitions, building a team, or rallying your sales staff, this keynote is ideal for any group needing a lighthearted way to look at a heavy topic.



“The O'Shea Report: Change 180” will help your audience laugh as they examine:

  • How workplace personalities the conserver, the pragmatist, and the originator deal with change
  • From the 50s to Today: the constantly changing times we live in
  • Keeping up to date on the latest business books with “Management Flavor of the Month”




  • Stay current: knowing what trends are today will prepare you for changes that come tomorrow
  • Be flexible:  from multiple generations in the workplace to new technology, adapting is key
  • Communicate: how to talk to someone who resists change…even if you embrace it
  • Support each other: teamwork is essential to help get you through challenging times

The Reviews Are In!

"Tim and Kris O'Shea are true professionals and delightful to work with, responding to every request with a smile and an on-time delivery. They were able to synthesize lots of detailed information about our industry and our organization and insert relevant tidbits into their presentation which was tailored for our audience. It would be my great pleasure to work with Kris and Tim again, and I heartily recommend them to any group looking for a fun, engaging presentation that offers something a little out of the ordinary. You won't be disappointed!"
--Professional Convention Management Association

"The O'Shea's were a huge asset to the success of the American Payroll Association's 25th Annual Congress in Las Vegas. Your TV style corporate humor news updates were hilarious while also delivering useful information in a very creative format. We have had funny motivational speaker and entertainers at Congress before to recap and provide conference information, but nothing as entertaining as the two of you!"
--American Payroll Association

"When our employees said it was the best meeting they had ever attended, we knew it was because of you. Thank you Tim and Kris for making our meeting a huge success!"
--U.S. Foodservice Cincinnati

"Your creativity and stage presence would leave any audience happy, but what truly made an impact was your customization for our audience."
--Colas North America

"Tim and Kris were the perfect addition to our Quarterly Meeting in Charlotte. I had many employees tell me that the "Change 180" theme was good-natured business comedy and great corporate humor with a message especially appropriate for the changes we are all facing due to the recent economic conditions. The skits were even funnier because of the kernel of truth of their business comedy underlying each one, leaving us with lots of whispered conversations saying, "That reminds me of when..." There's nothing healthier for an organization than to laugh together. Thanks Tim and Kris for being our funny motivational speakers!!!"
--Energy Solutions

"I hired Tim & Kris as our funny motivational speaker to present a keynote address and to MC the awards banquet at our conference. They did a spectacular job on both events. Tim and Kris took the time to talk to our members to customize their presentation--in fact, they developed an audio clip that was such a hit at the keynote, we repeated it by popular demand at the banquet. Tim and Kris were professional, detail oriented, humorous motivational speakers and were tuned in to what they could do to help us improve our event. I fully intend to work with The O'Shea Report in the future for additional clients"
--Management Excellence Inc

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Change 180: Giving you the Last Laugh at Change
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