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Tom Lehman
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    Tom Lehman is one of the most persevering professional golfers in history. While his initial PGA tour was a bust, he kept going until he made it to the Big Time in 1992.

    Tom Lehman has had a very interesting career, which he credits to his supportive marriage with Melissa. He has won five PGA Tour events including a major championship, a Skins Game, four Hogan Tour events, and a few other tournaments not sanctioned by the PGA. Tom has also had the privilege to play in three Ryder Cups, two President's Cups, a World Cup, and a Dunhill Cup. He is the only player ever to be a Hogan Tour Player of the Year and go on to be the PGA Tour Player of the Year. And among only four players to win a tournament on the PGA Tour after being named Hogan Tour Player of the Year. He has been the PGA Money Leader, and was ranked number one in the world at one time. Lehman has won over $8,000,000 over the past eight years in official PGA Tour tournaments, and he hasn't kept all of it to himself. Tom hosts the Dayton's Challenge every year in Minneapolis. It is a charity event that raises money for the Children's Cancer Research Fund. And don't forget he has to pay his great caddy, Andy Martinez. 

    Tom Lehman has proved to be one of the best golfers of his time, but most players on the PGA Tour will tell you he is also one of the best people. He has a strong faith in God, and always tries to be the best person he can be. He says of his life, "I want the people around me to be happy that I'm a friend of theirs. You know, I make their lives better." 

    PGA Tour player Chris Couch said this of Lehman. "I do try to pattern my life after Tom Lehman a little bit, just because I love the way he acts out on the golf course. I've always had trouble losing my temper out on the golf course, and you watch that guy he never loses his temper. He's you know a good religious guy. He's nice to everyone. He's a nice guy, and I try to pattern my life a little after him." 

    His caddy, Andy Martinez, says, "He's one of the most humble people I've ever met." 

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