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Tom Sant
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    Tom Sant is a world-recognized expert in effective selling and persuasive communication. According to Selling Power Magazine (March 2004), Tom Sant "is one of the ten best sales trainers in the world."

    According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, "Tom Sant presents information…with no wasted words and with an extra helping of wisdom. His presentations are fascinating, clear, and definitely practical. You can translate his ideas into profits -- and you will, because it's just plain nuts not to!" 

    Tom is a dynamic, humorous presenter who has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and training sessions for corporations and conferences around the world. He was the top-rated speaker at the Microsoft Fusion conferences in Atlanta, Anaheim, and Sidney. He was the top-rated speaker at the AMA Sales Leadership Conference, at the Colorado Consultant's Forum sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, and at the KP National Sales Meeting. 

    Creative. Entertaining. Relevant. A former stand-up comic, college professor, and CEO of a software corporation, Tom offers a unique blend of humor and research-based insight to get the right points across. He focuses on practical ideas that are quick and easy to apply, such as: The four steps of persuasion. Three keys to developing winning case studies. Seven questions you must answer to win a deal. Four ways to differentiate your services. These are the applicable skills your sales people need to succeed!


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    • Driving Waste Out of Sales
    • The Four Ideas that Revolutionized Selling
    • Winning by a NOSE
    • The Value Proposition
    • What Language Do You Speak?
    • The Seven Deadly Sins of the Sales Proposal
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