Victoria Labalme
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Victoria Labalme
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    Looking for something different?

    International Performing Artist and Communications Catalyst Victoria Labalme brings 20 years of professional theater, comedy and film experience to the platform to create a remarkable alternative to the typical keynote speech.

    Her unique specialty -- applying the performing arts to the communications and relationship-building industry -- brings together cutting-edge content with comedic performing talent to offer your audience entertainment, laughter and a thoroughly transformative learning experience. 

    Her show biz credits include: HBO’s “Sex & The City,” Caroline’s comedy club on Broadway, 27 television commercials including a Super Bowl spot, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, major news shows, and documentary films with Academy Award winners.

    You can bet that clients such as Starbucks, IBM, McDonald’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Heart Association and New York Life Insurance do not assemble their people at major company events just to be entertained. In each case they saw a unique opportunity to make a dramatic improvement to the productivity, profitability and performance of their people.

    Crazy Busy Nuts: Getting Off the Conveyor Belt of Life

    A Broadway-level customized performance to inspire & entertain your audience. 

    Ideal for opening or closing your event.

    Comedic. Entertaining. Thought provoking. And profoundly inspiring.

    Do you ever wake up stressed just thinking about your day? Does the week feel like a non-stop ‘conveyor belt’ of commitments and to-do lists?

    In this comedic, high-energy, entertaining performance, Victoria takes the challenging issues in your organization and transforms people’s mindset by delivering practical tools for managing the chaos...and the inspiration to change.

    Packed with customized humor and cutting edge commentary, this keynote provides your teams with the specific skills needed to move beyond the "crazy busy" mindset, communicate more effectively, and more productive at work and in life.



    ·   Dramatically Improved Communication Skills

    ·   Practical Tools For Managing the Chaos

    ·   Life Balance & Wellness

    ·   Reduced Stress

    ·   Inspiration


    The Art of Business: Engaging Your Brilliance

    A performance extravaganza guaranteed to revitalize your audience. 

    Ideal for opening or closing your event.

    Comedic. Engaging. Inspiring. Action packed.

    In this high-energy, results-oriented keynote, Victoria delivers a full spectrum of “stage & screen secrets” to help your teams catapult their communication and relationship building skills...and take action.

    Based on her three-angle Prism Effect™ system, Victoria provides your teams with specific tools to look at their business anew and capitalize on opportunities, listen effectively and communicate with impact, and tap into their own unique talents and creativity to catapult performance and profitability.

    The result: the transformation of every day business interactions into an art, ultimately positioning your organization and its people in a class of their own.


    ·        Dramatically Improved Communication Skills

    ·        Dramatically Improved Presentation & Consultative Skills

    ·        Superior Client Care Through Improved Listening Skills

    ·        Employee Engagement & Revitalization

    ·        Innovation & Creativity

    ·        Inspiration


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  • Crazy Busy Nuts: Getting Off the Conveyor Belt of Life
  • The Art of Business: Engaging Your Brillance
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