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Wendy Stevens
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    What do you do when you're a struggling single parent on the verge of losing your house? Whatever it takes. In early 2000, a bitter divorce wrenched Wendy Stevens from her life as a comfortable Nashville socialite, leaving her an unemployed single mother on the verge of losing everything. Like so many baby boomer women, necessity forced her to launch a second career. But Wendy not only launched a second career, she drew upon her experience as an athlete and coach to succeed beyond her wildest imagination.

    In 1980, a devastating head-on collision with a drunk driver robbed Wendy Stevens of her rocket tennis serve, causing her to lose her tennis scholarship to the University of North Carolina. Undaunted, she enrolled at the University of Maryland, and decided to take up lacrosse. Maryland was building a dynasty, a national powerhouse, jam packed with All-American players, and Wendy had never even played the sport before. But through ability, tenacity, and her whatever it-takes determination, Wendy not only walked on to the team, she became an All American as well as Captain and Most Valuable Player for the National Champion 1986 University of Maryland Women's Lacrosse Team.

    Out of college and into a marriage, Wendy and her new husband moved to Nashville where she used her whatever-it-takes tenacity to walk on again-right into her dream job-building and coaching a brand new Division I lacrosse program at Vanderbilt University. Single-mindedly employing her vaunted skills in recruiting, coaching, and team building, she catapulted the fledgling Vanderbilt program to No. 18 in the country in its second year-another Cinderella story tale for Wendy Stevens.

    Just when it looked like divorce had ended her fairy-tale life, Wendy walked on again, this time into the $19 billion dollar annual industry of personal development. Through tenacity and determination, she soon reached the top as a multiple seven-figure earner. She did this by utilizing the same core skills she mastered as a champion athlete and coach: the ability to inspire with her words, the ability to illustrate with the ups and downs of her own life story, and the unfailing ability to transform crowds into communities, and communities into championship-level teams.

    Today Wendy coaches budding entrepreneurs around the world as a much-sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, success coach, and mentor. Her greatest satisfaction is reproducing the financial success she has achieved in the lives of others.

    Wendy Stevens splits her time between Franklin, Tenn.. and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.. and is the proud mother of Bo and Haley.

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