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As the sacred cows target themselves for righteous blasts of scorn and derision, America cries out for a man with the aim, strength and style to swat the partisan political piñatas upside their heads. Will Durst is that man.

Sweeping both sides of the aisle with his double barreled shotgun of incredulity and common sense, Durst transcends party ties, having performed at events honoring former Presidents Bill Clinton and George HW Bush as well as speaking at both a Mayors Convention and Governors Conference. He’s the nation’s chief equal opportunity offender. Outraged and outrageous. As current as today’s headlines and as accurate as a sniper. Its comedy for people who read or know someone who does.


A Midwestern baby boomer with a media induced identity crisis, Durst has been called “a modern day Will Rogers” by The LA Times while the SF Chronicle hails him as “heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory.” The Chicago Tribune argues he’s a “hysterical hybrid of Hunter S Thompson and Charles Osgood.” And although the Washington Post insists he is “the Dark Prince of Doubt,” all agree on one thing: Will Durst is America’s premier political comic. 


Durst’s motto is “You Can’t Make Stuff Up Like This!” and this prolific writer claims little need for material, having it regularly delivered at 8 am every morning in the five papers he reads daily.  Samples: “George W Bush is the comedians’ full employment act. He’s like if Reagan and Quayle had a kid. He’s Quagan.” “The Clintons got $20 million for their memoirs. Lot of money for the memories of 2 people who for 8 years continually testified under oath, they couldn't remember a single thing.” “Every time I hear the President talk about solar energy I worry that Mobile- Exxon has finally developed a workable plan to block out the sun.”


Busier than a blind squirrel neck deep in an almond sorting warehouse, Durst co- hosts a daily San Francisco morning radio show with former Mayor Willie Brown, the Will & Willie Show, as well as writing a weekly syndicated column, daily website jokes, and still manages to find time to perform 100s of comedy shows at clubs, corporate events, theaters and benefits.


Reigning as C-SPAN’s favorite comic (8 appearances,) Durst is a commentator on NPR & CNN Headline News and received 5 Emmy nominations as well as 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year. His 400+ global television appearances include local shows o’plenty, HBO, The Today Show, Letterman, Inside Politics, Good Morning America, Showtime, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, CBS Morning News, the BBC, CBC, Greek, Scottish, French and Australian TV. And radio, don’t even get me started. Lots.


The first comic invited to perform at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, he has told jokes in 14 countries and became the first Yank nominated for the prestigious Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for his one man show “boom!” Hobbies include the never-ending search for the perfect cheeseburger while his heroes remain the same from when he was twelve: Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny.


Will Durst’s performances are made possible by the First Amendment. 

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