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Yossi Ghinsberg
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    In the midst of the uncharted Amazon, after losing his 3 companions, a young Israeli traveler is tested to the extreme through 20 harrowing days of sheer survival. A riveting storyteller, Yossi Ghinsberg relives his ordeal, sweeping audiences into the depths of the primordial jungle. They experience: the challenges of survival, what it takes to adapt to change, how to deal with adversity from a calm and centered place within.

    Yossi is unique in his delivery...audiences leave with an understanding of the nature of survival and how life is to be celebrated and taken to the highest level.

    Yossi's international bestselling book, Jungle, reads like a novel or a movie script...this detailed account of his 20 days lost in the Amazon, has been translated into 6 languages and published in 15 countries. His recently published 2nd book, Laws of the Jungle, has a subtitle that says it all - Jaguars Don't Need Self-Help Books.

    Yossi challenges audiences: "The problem with life may be that it is not tough enough. When a moment of real struggle emerges, we naturally tap into our survival resources and find ourselves ready to fight. It is the day to day mundane problems that grind us."

    How do we rise to the challenge of living every day of our life as if it is our last? How can we bring radiating intensity to our thoughts, words and actions? Can we tap into our dormant inner resources?

    Yossi's presentations allow audiences to answer these questions for themselves while keeping people on the edge of their seats wondering what's going to happen next.

    Born and raised in Israel, Yossi served 3 years in the Israeli Navy on the Red Sea. During these years he befriended the Bedouin of the Sinai desert and was greatly influenced by their philosophy and nomadic lifestyle. After the service Yossi ventured the world as a backpacker traveling for 2 years mainly in South America. Returning to Israel, Yossi graduated from Tel Aviv University with Philosophy and Business degrees.

    In 1992, Yossi returned to the Amazon to initiate "The Chalalan Project" proving that the best strategy to conserve bio-diversity is sustainable development in cooperation with indigenous forest dwellers. Chalalan is one of the most celebrated Eco-Tourism resorts in the Amazon.

    Yossi is the founder and director of EthnoBios S.A., a bio-diversity prospecting company that is based in Bolivia. The projects Yossi initiated in the Bolivian rainforest helped to form the biggest nature reserve in the Amazon, known as The Madidi National Park. His work on the protection of intellectual properties and sustainable development of the Amazon won him international acclaim from such organizations as Conservation International, the World Resources Institute and The Inter-American Development Bank.

    In 1995, Yossi practiced 'adapting to change' and accepted a position as Vice President of The Center for Investigation & Treatment of Addiction (CITA). Yossi promoted a new approach to treatment of opiate addiction, establishing 12 treatment and research centers around the world from Mexico to China. In 1999, Yossi founded 'The Alma Libre Foundation' based in Australia, dedicated to assisting opiate addicts in their re-integration to society. Yossi's website, www.thefinebalance.com, contains an innovative interactive smoking cessation program.

    In 2001 during the peak of the Palestinian intifada, Yossi returned to Israel as CEO of a reconciliation festival. Despite the escalation of violence in the region, the festival managed to attract unprecedented audiences. Spiritual leaders of both Islam and Judaism conducted special prayers for peace. Musicians from around the world came to perform and support the cause.

    In between projects Yossi's passion is directed at exploring remote corners of the planet, guided solely by the atlas and his own personal desire for places of inspiration. His travels have brought him to the islands of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar, to the sub-continents of India and China.

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