Top Entrepreneurs

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership are a few of the essential qualities successful entrepreneurs possess. Our Entrepreneurial Speakers will connect with your audience based on their real world experience and share the importance of these qualities.
Here are a few top entrepreneurs that we would like to highlight: 
Martin Eberhard: Founder and Former CEO of Tesla Motors
Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Green Business, Sustainability, Innovation and more.
Jeffrey Hollender: Co-Founder of Seventh Generation, Author, Consultant, and Speaker on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Equity. 
Topics: Business & Finance, Environment & Sustainability, Leadership, Small Business and more.
Josh Linkner: Founder, Chairman and former CEO of ePrize, Tech Entrepreneur, NY Times Bestselling Author
Topics: Creativity, Innovation and more.
Steve Wozniak: Co-Founder of Apple Computers, Philanthropist
Topics: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education, Technology and more.
Tony Hsieh: Founder and CEO of Zappos, NY Times Bestselling Author
Topics: Business, Customer Service, Social Media and more.
Reed Hastings: Cofounder & CEO of Netflix, Active Educational Philanthropist
Topics: Web 2.0, Technology, Entrepreneurship and more.
Reid Hoffman: Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at LinkedIn, World-renowned Entrepreneur and Investor
Topics: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business, Social Media and more.
Jack Dorsey: Creator, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Twitter, Inc. 
Topics: Entrepreneurship, Internet, Social Media and Social Networking, Technology and more.
Biz Stone: Co-Founder of Twitter, Inc., Co-Founder of The Obvious Corporation
Topics: Business, Entrepreneur, Innovation, Social Media, Technology and more.
Peter Thiel: Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Co-Founder of Paypal
Topics: Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship and more.
Andrew Mason: Founder and former CEO of Groupon
Topics: Internet, Entrepreneurship and more.
Jim Barton: Co-Founder of TiVo, President and CEO of Network Age Software , Inc. 
Topics: Business, Motivation, Technology, Teamwork and more. 
Scott Case: Technologist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Humanitarian, CEO at Startup America Partnership
Topics: Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship and more
Scott Klososky: Technology Thought Leader, Social Technology Expert, Former CEO of Three Successful Startup Companies.
Topics: Sales/Marketing/Advertising, Trends & Technology, Futurist/Strategy, Global Change/Thought Leadership, Leadership and more.
Richard Branson: Founder of Virgin Group, Global Entrepreneur, Business and Motivational Speaker.
Topics: Innovation, Branding, Customer Service, Leadership and more.
Terry Jones: Founder/ Former CEO of, Innovation Expert
Topics: Motivation, Innovation, Business, E-Commerce, Team Building and more.
Paul Orfalea: Founder of Kinko’s. Inc., Philanthropist
Topics: Entrepreneurship, Business Motivation, Customer Loyalty and more.
Jack Stack: President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corp.,
Topics: Motivation, Business, Management, Communication, Achievement and more.
Jimmy Wales: Founder of Wikipedia
Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Computers, Internet, Technology and more
Ratan Tata: Chairman of the Tata Group. Ex-Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, Tata Motors and Tata Steel.
Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship and more.
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